Sally Chamberlain

Cat Behaviourist, Animal Communicator, Reiki Master and Intuitive

Cat Behaviour Consultations

Cats are fascinating and mysterious creatures. When they experience behaviour problems, it can be very stressful for everyone in the household because they are a much-loved member of our family.

I specialise in helping to resolve cat behaviour problems by combining intuition with scientific and practical knowledge. I also offer Reiki and animal communication to provide a holistic service.

I offer consultations to help cats and their guardians better understand each other and empower them to feel confident in communicating more effectively on every level so that they can live a more harmonious and enjoyable life together. 

When cats are behaving in a way that is difficult for their human families to understand, it can be very distressing for all concerned, especially if it involves physical harm such as biting and scratching or the animal causing injury to itself or damaging the property in which it lives.

I am an ICAN Certified Animal Behaviourist, Cat Behaviour Consultant with The Pet Professional Guild British Isles and International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants.

My qualifications include the Advanced Diploma in Feline Behaviour Management from Compass Education and Training and its canine equivalent. I also continue to learn about cats through my Continuing Professional Development activities.

Having lived with cats all of my life and worked with them since 2011 in my pet sitting business, I have learned a great deal about their behaviour and how I can adapt my own behaviour and approach to ensure that we gain each other's trust from the outset. Once trust is established, a beautiful relationship can begin to flourish.

My work involves being the catalyst for change when the relationship between cats and their humans has broken down or they are having difficulty understanding one another.

Cat Behaviour Consultations

Cats are my passion in life and the animal with which I have the deepest emotional and spiritual connection. I grew up with cats and they seem to gravitate towards me wherever I go! Cats are amazing, mystical creatures that bring great richness and joy to my life.

Many thousands of years ago, cats chose to live near human grain stores where the rodent population was abundant. It wasn’t long before these highly intelligent, enigmatic creatures moved into our homes and found themselves living in relative luxury.

Despite being surrounded by home comforts, cats still need to be able to express natural feline behaviours in order to feel relaxed and content. They make wonderful companions and are part of our family but not all cats cope well in a domestic setting.

As much as we love them, there may come a point when a cat’s human needs to ask for help to resolve their behavioural issues. Cats may also need healing for physical and emotional problems, especially senior and rescue cats.

I offer support, guidance and healing to help cats and their human families better understand each other and improve their relationships. Some issues are best resolved by combining Reiki, animal communication and behaviour modification techniques. I am also qualified in dog behaviour, which helps me to resolve issues in households with a variety of pets.

These are some of the cat behaviour problems and other issues with which I may be able to assist:

Toileting issues

Spraying indoors


Destructive behaviour


Tension in multi-cat or multi-species households

Aggression towards humans or other animals

Obsessive or repetitive behaviour

Fears and phobias

Senior and rescue cats

Chronic conditions and illnesses

Cats with disabilities

Physical and/or emotional trauma

Post-operative recovery

End of life transition

Grief (animals and humans)

Plus many more...

My approach is simple because I work from the heart. I have a natural affinity with cats and understand their body language and subtle nuances of behaviour. I only ever use kind, reward-based methods and teach people how to ‘read’ their cat so that they can understand how it may be feeling and strengthen their bond.

I also offer advice on environmental enrichment and how to ensure that their cat's natural feline needs are being met. 

Cat Behaviour Consultation Prices

Initial Consultation

Initial cat behaviour consultation costs £90 within four miles of Swadlincote, South Derbyshire plus £0.45 per mile for round trips outside of this area. A consultation lasts for around two hours and includes a full behavioural assessment, advice and guidance if the problem is not too complex. 

For more complicated problems, the initial consultation may be carried out in two stages. The first stage would be a full assessment and the second stage would include a detailed Behaviour Modification Plan, guidance and support. Ongoing support is offered via telephone and email for up to six months, if required.

Follow-up Meetings

For more complex cases, one or more follow-up meetings may be necessary. Follow-up meetings are £50 each and include further in-person guidance and support where required. Full support via telephone and email continues throughout this process.

Combining with Animal Communication and Reiki

Animal communication and Reiki are £30 per session when given separately but if they are combined with behaviour therapy, this is reduced to £20 per session.

Please see our Animal Communication and Reiki for Animals pages or contact Sally for more information.

My Approach

My approach is caring, supportive and non-judgemental. I aim to restore harmony in each household and examine every aspect of each case to glean a full picture which might provide clues as to why a certain behaviour or scenario is occurring.

My role is to empower the humans in the relationship to feel more confident in communicating with their animals and ensuring that all of their physical, mental and emotional needs are being met in a kind and loving way.

I only ever use force-free methods based on positive reinforcement and the natural inclinations of each cat. I am fully against using any kind of punishments or aversives. There is no place for force, fear, pain or intimidation when working with animals. I do not believe in pack theory, dominance or trying to be the ‘alpha’ in the relationship.

Animals need us to be their trusted guides and companions. They are highly intelligent and know that human beings are not members of their own species. A loving relationship built on trust is the strongest possible foundation when working with animals to resolve any behavioural problems they seem to be experiencing.

Not every case is easy to resolve and may take a great deal of time and commitment on the part of the cat's human family. I always offer as much support and guidance as I can.

My first book, 'Weird Is Wonderful' is now available on Amazon as a paperback and Kindle version and covers many aspects of animal behaviour, along with my second book, 'Power Of The Purr' which is all about deepening our understanding of cats, resolving feline behaviour problems kindly and the fascinating bond between cats and their people. I have also written 'Being Kind To Dogs' which promotes force-free training for our canine companions.

Please contact me to find out how I may be able to help.

Every animal deserves the chance to live a long and happy life with their human family.