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What Animals Mean To Me

Posted on 6 July, 2017 at 11:30

Here is a taster of my upcoming book that I'm aiming to publish later on this year. I wrote this piece many months ago to express how I feel about animals. It sums it up perfectly and I'm sure many of you will agree.

'It’s hard to put into words how much animals mean to me. If I spend time without animals, my heart aches and I feel a dried up, aching cavernous abyss begin to slowly eat away at me from the inside. I absolutely have to spend time with animals, every day. For me, simply being in the presence of an animal is healing. They resonate a natural healing and therapeutic energy.

My closest, deepest animal bond of all is with our cat, Monty. He is a solid wall of black and white feline muscle with a big, delicate warm heart. His presence melts away all of my problems and resonates with my soul. I can even see his aura in the right light.

Whenever I come across an animal, there is an immediate, uplifting joy that is so magical, it nourishes my soul and an energetic connection is formed. It is a deep and ancient understanding of love and respect as to how we should approach each other, which flows naturally and effortlessly. Innate instructions lie deep within our DNA about how we should communicate and respond on every level, without the need for spoken words or the interference of ego. This connection is profound and humbling, every time. From dog to cat to horse or even the tiniest fly or plant, I feel that love, respect and connection. We are as one.

When I see an animal, I feel a rising up of my vibrations from my centre as shimmering, gold and white particles of energy. This is an uplifting and energising sensation filled with joy and a sense of true, deep connection and understanding.

You may ask if this occurs with every human being that I meet, seeing as after all, we are animals. The simple answer is no, not with every human. Human beings are much more guarded than animals and often hide behind many layers of complex social conditioning, anxieties and self-protection to avoid being hurt or having their true nature exposed.

There are a great many humans with whom I form an instant connection but it is much more complex than with animals. I often find myself raising my own barriers slightly, playing a game of reading their energy with great caution, just in case I need to suddenly protect myself as they may seem approachable at first but could turn out to be faking their sincerity to serve their own agenda.

This is not the case with animals. I am able to instantly read their energy because they do not hide behind their ego nor create false facade to impress others. If an animal is dangerous or potentially aggressive, it will be immediately obvious to me and a close encounter can be avoided. Their physical expressions and energetic signals seem to be fluid and resonate with a language that I naturally understand. This comes from years of spending time with animals and my ability to receive intuitive and subtle information through my aura and the Universal energy that surrounds us and vibrates within us all.

I believe that this is the reason I am better able to carry out intuitive readings of human beings in photographs. A purer energetic connection is formed this way as there is no distraction from physical cues or changes in demeanour, which may be intended to conceal the truth or distort the intuitive information being received.

The same applies to a certain extent with animals but often a stronger connection can be formed in-person because sometimes, especially with a friendly or deeply spiritual animal, an incredible amount of free-flowing intuitive information and healing energy can be channelled. Animals usually let their guard down and understand how Universal energy and healing works. This can also happen when I meet an animal for the first time, purely by chance. It is a beautiful, amazing and humbling gift for which I shall be eternally grateful.'

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