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Animal Reiki Healing

Animals can really benefit from receiving Reiki, especially those who are suffering from physical, mental, emotional or behavioural problems

Reiki promotes healing in the body, mind and spirit and can bring an immense sense of peace and calm within, restoring balance and harmony. It can be given in-person or over a distance.

Reiki can be offered to a particular individual, situation, relationship or the world as a whole. It is based on energy and intention and is always works for the greatest and highest good.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a deeply relaxing, non-invasive complementary therapy discovered by Dr Mikao Usui in Japan in the early 1900s.  The word Reiki is pronounced ‘Ray Key’ and can be translated as ‘Universal Life-force Energy’.  

Life energy is known as ‘ki’ in Japan, ‘chi’ in China and ‘prana’ in India. Reiki brings harmony and balance to the body, mind and spirit which promotes healing on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

Reiki is all around us and can be seen at its most vivid on a clear day when we look at the blue sky and soften our focus a little. It is made up of tiny, shimmering particles that seem to swim before our eyes.

I am a qualified and insured Reiki Master Teacher specialising in Reiki for animals and their guardians. During a Reiki session, I am also able to communicate with animals on a subtle level which gives me greater insight into how they may be feeling. I hold qualifications in canine and feline behaviour to enhance my work with cats and dogs.

Please see my Animal Communication, Dog Behaviour and Cat Behaviour pages for details of further therapies which may be of benefit.

How Can Reiki Help?

Reiki is deeply relaxing and animals seem to be particularly receptive to it. 

Receiving Reiki is especially beneficial for animals with chronic pain, discomfort or disability, nervousness, anxiety, stress, post-operative recovery, digestive problems, grief, distress, past trauma, behavioural or emotional issues. 

Reiki is healing energy which always works for the highest good so it can never do any harm. Animal guardians may wish to share in a Reiki session with their companion.

Reiki for Animals and Their Guardians

Reiki can help in times of distress or intense emotion, bringing a sense of peace and emotional support. It can be very upsetting and stressful when animals are ill or have passed away. Reiki may be able to offer comfort and a sense of release during these times for both animals and their guardians when it is needed the most. 

Animal guardians may wish to receive Reiki at the same time as their animal companion or they can receive their own Reiki treatment sitting in a chair or wherever they feel comfortable. Human clients remain fully clothed during a Reiki treatment.

Benefits of Reiki include:

Deep relaxation and stress relief

Reducing anxiety and tension

Improving quality of sleep

Relieving aches and pains

Lifting mood and energy levels

Aiding recovery from illness, injury or surgery

Calming and soothing stressed or nervous animals

Easing end of life transition

Support in bereavement

Promoting a sense of well being, peace and calm

During a Reiki Treatment

Animals such as cats and dogs will usually choose where they would like to receive Reiki, which is often on their favourite chair or bed or sometimes on my lap or by my side. I usually begin at the head and work my way down the animal’s body, sensing where Reiki may be needed the most but sometimes I may be drawn to a completely different part of their body or aura.  

I offer Reiki to larger animals such as horses and ponies in the place where they will feel most at ease, such as their paddock or stable. They are always given the choice as to whether or not they wish to receive Reiki, so they do not feel pressured.

Animals are very sensitive and often place the part of their body that needs the most healing under my hands.

The animal will probably feel warmth, coolness or tingling.  Reiki energy is very soothing so the animal often becomes very relaxed and may even fall asleep.

Occasionally, an animal will refuse Reiki or may not wish to receive very much.  They will always be given the option to walk away. Reiki is never forced on any animal, it is always offered in a caring and respectful way.

Reiki can also be offered over a distance using intention and a photograph of the animal to make an energetic connection. This is a good option for nervous or feral animals. It is just as effective as Reiki being given in-person.

After Care

Reiki energy needs time to settle after a treatment so guardians are asked to allow their pet to relax and rest for a few hours.  They may drink or eat more than usual, need to go to the toilet more often or seem sleepy. This is perfectly normal and will soon pass. 

Guardians are welcome to contact me if they have any concerns or worries after their pet has received Reiki.  It can never cause any harm but I will always be happy to reassure clients about this.

Treatment Plan

Some animals may only need one treatment and others a course of three or more sessions.  

A treatment plan will be discussed with the animal's guardian and progress monitored. I provide ongoing support and will be available to answer any questions or concerns.

Reiki Prices

Reiki is £20 per session in-person within four miles of Swadlincote. A charge of £0.45 per mile is added for round trips over four miles away. Areas covered include Swadlincote, Ashby de la Zouch, Burton on Trent and surrounds.  

A session usually lasts around 30-40 minutes plus time for the initial consultation, which is included in the price. Any communication I receive from the animal is included because I often receive messages and information this way.

Distant healing is also available at £15 per session. This can be just as effective as an animal receiving Reiki in-person and can be combined with animal communication. Distant healing can be sent anywhere in the world but I mainly work with clients in the Midlands and rest of the UK. Please contact me to find out more.

Veterinary permission may be required to rule out any potential medical problems, if appropriate. 

Please call me on 0794 137 1894, email or use the Contact Form on this website to find out more or make a booking.

I am a fully insured Master Teacher Member of The UK Reiki Federation.