Reiki Master Teacher, Animal Communicator and Accredited Animal Behaviourist

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Animal Empath, Communicator & Healer

Animal Communication

I am an Animal Communicator and Empath and often combine this with Animal Reiki and behaviour therapy to provide animals with a gentle, yet powerful healing system. 

My work is mainly with domestic animals but I am able to intuitively communicate with any species by reading their body language and sensing their energy, feelings and emotions

Animals communicate in many different ways, most of which can be lost on us humans. They communicate using subtle body language, scent, sound, touch and taste and also telepathically, which seems just as natural to them as their physical senses. 

Over many years, human beings have had this ability suppressed as they focus on their busy lives and are exposed to pollutants such as noise, crowds, vehicles and electromagnetic radiation from modern technology.

People who are aware of their intuitive sense and feel a strong connection with nature often find themselves able to communicate with animals. This is usually on a subtle level through words, feelings, colours, images and sensations.

Everyone has an innate sense of intuition and is capable of communicating with animals, it just takes a lot of practice, self-belief and confidence in their own abilities.  Some people will find it easier than others but we must not forget that human beings are animals too and our ancestors and many indigenous peoples work in harmony with nature and the Earth.

How Animal Communication Can Help

I have always felt a strong connection with animals and nature and am highly intuitive, empathic and sensitive. I became a Reiki Master Teacher to heighten my senses and enable me to become more aware of the emotions and feelings of others and the energy of the Earth, whilst remaining calm, balanced and grounded. I have also achieved qualifications in canine and feline behaviour to enhance my work. Details of these can be found my About page.

My work involves helping animals and their people to lead calmer, more relaxed lives by improving their relationships and restoring harmony in their households. Animal communication can be done in-person or at a distance, using a photograph.

Animal communication is fascinating and is not something I take for granted. I am always working to hone my skills and learning how to show respect to animals and remain open to the many different ways in which they choose to communicate. I have achieved the Animal Communication Diploma with Stonebridge College and attended the Animal Healing and Communication Course with Sue Gessey to improve my skills and deepen my connection with animals. 

I am able to communicate with animals that are living or have sadly passed. If I am unable to connect with an animal in-person, I can make an energetic connection through a photograph. Animal Communication can be offered as a part of a holistic package with Animal Reiki, Dog Behaviour and Cat Behaviour consultations or can be provided on its own. 

Animal Communication Prices

Each animal communication session will vary and is often included as part of a Reiki healing session. 

An in-person session is £20 within four miles of Swadlincote and charges £0.45 per mile outside of this radius. 

Animal communication using a photograph at a distance is £15 and includes a full write up of the session for animal guardians to treasure. Distant communication can be done from anywhere in the world but I mainly work with clients in the Midlands and rest of the UK.

Each animal communication is different and sometimes the animal may not wish to communicate, others may have a lot to say. Please contact me to find out if I can help and discover why your animal may be experiencing problems or if you are simply curious and would like to know how they feel about life. 

Lost Pets 

I am unable to deal with locating lost pets. This is a highly emotive area which may cause upset if the information provided is inconclusive. There are many other Animal Communicators who specialise in this service and may be able to help.

Thank you.