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Intuitive Development, Animal Communication and Reiki

Animal Communication

Animals are at the heart of the Karma Paws Academy! 

I am an Animal Communicator and often combine this with Reiki to provide animals with a gentle, yet powerful healing system and a way of communicating with the humans in their world. 

My work has mainly been with domestic animals but I am able to intuitively communicate with any species by reading their body language and sensing their energy, feelings and emotions.

Animals communicate in many different ways, most of which can be lost on us humans. They communicate using subtle body language, scent, sound, touch and taste and also telepathically, which seems just as natural to them as their physical senses. 

Over many years, human beings have had this ability suppressed as they focus on their busy lives and are exposed to pollutants such as noise, crowds, vehicles and electromagnetic radiation from modern technology. It is possible to rekindle this ability and allow it to flourish through practice.

Learn How To Communicate With Animals

Everyone has an innate sense of intuition and is capable of communicating with animals, it just takes a lot of practice, self-belief and confidence in their own abilities.  Some people will find it easier than others but we must not forget that human beings are animals too and our ancestors and many indigenous peoples work in harmony with nature and the Earth.

People who are aware of their intuitive sense and feel a strong connection with nature often find themselves able to communicate with animals. This is usually on a subtle level through words, feelings, colours, images and sensations.

Animal communication and sensing how others may be feeling are nothing out of the ordinary; we have simply lost touch with our ability to do this. From sensing the energy of the Earth, the cycles of the moon or knowing how our pets are feeling, we are all capable of becoming aware of these forms of energetic communication beyond the spoken word.

Because we are all connected through Universal energy, we can sense and feel the fluctuations in energy around us. When someone is in a bad mood, we can feel it. If there is a happy, uplifting atmosphere, we can feel that too. 

Opening our hearts and minds to the endless possibilities and letting go of expectation are the first steps on our journey to exploring this fascinating aspect of ourselves.

It is possible to communicate with animals who are living and those in spirit using a photograph or object that they loved to form an energetic connection.

Animal Communication - Mentoring Services

I offer in-person mentoring services for animal guardians who wish to develop their relationship through animal communication to form an even closer bond.

My mentoring services cost £50 per session within fifteen miles of Swadlincote, South Derbyshire. Each session lasts around two hours and can be tailored to suit the individual preferences of each client.

My services are based on the fascinating material in my book, 'Weird Is Wonderful'.

My Book

Please click here to purchase my book, 'Weird Is Wonderful' on Kindle. It is an exploration of everything it means to be an Empath and Highly Sensitive and Intuitive Person that delves into intuitive development, spiritual awareness, the paranormal, emotions, animal communication, Reiki and a whole lot more. 

I share my story and experiences so that readers can better understand their own. I also offer support and guidance to those wishing to develop their intuition, learn more about their abilities, communicate with animals and offer them Reiki.

Please look out for updates on our Facebook page and visit www.weirdiswonderful.co.uk to find out more.  

If you have any queries or would like further details, please contact me using the contact form on this website, send an email to sally@karmapaws.co.uk or call 0794 137 1894.

Thank you.