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Animal Behaviour Consultations

Animals such as cats and dogs make wonderful companions and are part of our family. When they experience problems, it can be a stressful time for everyone in the household.

I offer support and guidance to help animals and their human families better understand each other and improve their relationships. 

My approach is very simple and natural because I work from the heart. My canine and feline behaviour consultations are based on kind, reward-based training and behaviour modification techniques and providing guidance on understanding animal-human interaction and communication.

I have achieved the Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour Management and Advanced Diploma in Feline Behaviour Management from Compass Education and am currently studying their Graduate Diploma in Animal Behaviour Management at Honours Degree level to deepen my knowledge of animals and provide my clients with the best possible service

I am an Accredited Animal Behaviourist and Full Member of The Association of INTODogs and The Pet Professional Guild British IslesPlease see my Animal Reiki and Animal Communication to find out more about my services. 

I have spent many years running my own pet sitting and dog walking business and have spent my life in the company of animals. Behaviour problems in cats and dogs can sometimes seem to be a mystery but through careful observation, intuition and asking the right questions, a potential solution may arise. These are some of the behaviour problems with which I may be able to assist:

Cat Behaviour Problems

Toileting issues

Spraying indoors


Destructive behaviour


Tension in multi-cat households

Aggression towards humans or other animals

Obsessive or repetitive behaviour

Fears and phobias

Plus many more...

Dog Behaviour Problems

Trust issues

Nervousness and anixety

Separation anxiety

Destructive behaviour


Signs of stress or restlessness

Obsessive or repetitive behaviour

Fears and phobias

Plus many more...

Other Animal Behaviour Services

In addition to resolving specific problems, I can also help with:

Relationship building between humans and animals

Helping clients to better understand canine and feline behaviour

Healing on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level

Animal communication and Reiki

Canine and feline body language and signs of stress

Plus many more...

Consultation Prices

Animal behaviour consultations cost £85 within four miles of Swadlincote and usually last for around 2 hours. They always take place in the client's home. This includes full written report and training plan with demonstrations and support where needed plus support for up to six months via telephone and email. Follow-up meetings are £50. 

I am registered as an Accredited Animal Behaviourist with the ABTC so please check with your pet insurer as my fees may be covered.

A mileage charge of £0.45 per mile is added for round trips outside of this area.

My Approach

My approach is caring, supportive and non-judgemental. I aim to restore harmony in each household and examine every aspect of each case to glean a full picture which might provide clues as to why a certain behaviour or scenario is occurring.

Please contact me to find out how I may be able to help. If I am unable to take on a case for any reason, I shall be honest about it and refer clients on to another professional who may be more specialised in such matters.

Not every case is easy to resolve and may take a great deal of time and commitment on the part of the animal's human family. I always offer as much support and guidance as I can. 

Veterinary permission may be required where it seems appropriate.

I am fully qualified and insured to take on this type of work.

Canine Aggression

The only cases that I do not usually take on are those involving moderate to severe canine aggression. This is a specialist area and can be very complex.