Karma Paws Pet Care

Animal Communication, Reiki and Behaviour

Welcome to Karma Paws Pet Care

At Karma Paws Pet Care, we're mad about animals!

Our business owner, Sally has dedicated her life and career to learning as much as she can about animal behaviour and welfare, especially cats and dogs.

She offers animal communication, Reiki for animals and cat behaviour consultations. 

Sally is writing a cat book called 'Power Of The Purr' and a book promoting kindness in dog training and communication called 'Taking The Biscuit'.

She has been a pet sitter since 2011 and still looks after many wonderful furry clients. She also shares her home with her own cat, Monty.

Please browse our website and visit our Facebook pages, Karma Paws Pet Care, Taking The Biscuit and Power Of The Purr to find out more and get your daily fix of animals.

Sally is a deeply spiritual and intuitive person who loves animals and works with them on a daily basis. She loves to share her passion for cats and intuitive abilities through the written word.

She also has scientific and practical knowledge that supports her work with animals and she only ever uses kind, force-free methods combined with gentle and effective communication to improve the lives of animals and their people.

To find out more about Sally's life as an Intuitive, Reiki Master and Animal Communicator, please check out her book, 'Weird Is Wonderful' on Amazon as a paperback and Kindle version.